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Tudorose Bonnie Prince Charlie
(M) 17 Jun 2015, PR186996/09, b    [Breeding]   [Sibling]

CallName = Jag
Test_Results = VGL-DLA(1006:1007/1010:2010), VGL-STR(IR=-0.00/OI=0.32)
COI10 = 2.0%[10G,6F,824U,89.6%C]
COI15 = 7.1%[15G,6F,3420U,87.4%C]
Wycliffe = 36.11
OEA = 4.23
MCB = 45.61

Tudorose Royal Code O'Chivalry
13 Feb 2013
AC544960 bl, Callname=Gatsby, Test_Results=VGL-DLA(1001:2001/1010:2010), VGL-STR(IR=-0.04/OI=0.18)
Tudorose Smooth Operator
16 Apr 2005
PR099601/01 RG030103 b, Callname=Shaver, Tested_Clear=ASD , Test_Results=Elbows(Normal)[OFA], Hips(Good)[OFA]
Samarcanda Cabryn Patriarch
01 Mar 2003
PR036058/01 LO0383256 w, Callname=Gaby, Parent_of=Elbows(Normal)[OFA](1), Hips(Fair)[OFA](1), Hips(Good)[OFA](2) , Sibling_with=Hips(FCI C-2)(1)
Topscore Contradiction
20 Sep 1998
PR027132/01 N09926/99 w, Callname=King, Test_Results=Hips(A)[NKK] , Parent_of=Addison's[NPK], SA[SPK], Hips(A)[NKK](2), Hips(A)[SKK](1), Hips(B (Fair))[SKK](1), Hips(B)[SKK](2), Hips(C)[SKK](1), Hips(FCI C-2)(1) , Sibling_with=Elbows(A)[NKK](1), Hips(A)[NKK](2)
Torpaz It'll Be All White
02 Aug 1996 S40966/98 w, Callname=Romeo, Parent_of=Epilepsy[FPK], Elbows(A)[NKK](1), Hips(A)[NKK](3), Hips(A)[SKK](2), Hips(BVA 3/3=6)[MyKC](1), Hips(Good)[OFA](2)
Kenzo Strictly Ballroom
02 Jan 1994 DK03082/94 b, Parent_of=Elbows(A)[NKK](1), Hips(A)[NKK](7), Hips(B)[NKK](1)
Racketeer Sinner In Silk
27 Mar 1999
S28362/99 b, Callname=Naquel, Test_Results=Hips(FCI B-1) , Parent_of=Hips(FCI C-2)(1)
Racketeer Exquisit Sinner at Vanitonia
24 Oct 1988 1689CB b, Callname=H'san, Test_Results=Hips(A)[NKK] , Parent_of=Addison's[NPK], SA[SPK], Elbows(A)[NKK](1), Elbows(ua (Normal))[SKK](1), Hips(A)[NKK](7), Hips(FCI B-1)(1), Hips(Normal)[SKK](1), Hips(grad D)[SKK](1) , Sibling_with=Hips(A)[NKK](1)
Harbovi's Hell Cat
08 Nov 1993 S37483/94 w, Parent_of=Hips(A)[SKK](1), Hips(FCI B-1)(1)
Tudorose Black Pearl
03 Jul 2001
PP651742/03 b, Parent_of=Elbows(Normal)[OFA](1), Hips(Good)[OFA](1)
Balnoble To Beck With Love
07 Apr 1995
PP455680/01 b, Test_Results=Hips(Good)[OFA]
Groomar Dangerous Liaison with Balnoble
14 Oct 1990 4319CE ch, Parent_of=Hips(Good)[OFA](1)
Dreams To Reality with Balnoble
, Parent_of=Hips(Good)[OFA](1)
Tudorose Lady Jane Gray
20 Oct 1998
PP574371/05 bl, Callname=Kee
Terrifick Silbar Topas
31 Mar 1989 PC185510 s, Test_Results=Hips(Good)[OFA] , Parent_of=Hips(Excellent)[OFA](2), Hips(Fair)[OFA](1), Hips(Good)[OFA](1)
Tudorose Sugar Kane
19 Nov 1994 PP463968/02 b, Callname=Java, Affected=CAH , Parent_of=CAH, Chronic Pancreatitis, Laryngeal Paralysis, Renal Disease, Hips(Fair)[OFA](1)
Bibelot Josol Cherod Silverjoy
09 May 2005
RJ015114 s, Tested_Clear=ASD , Test_Results=VGL-DLA(1010:2010/1010:2010), VGL-STR(IR=0.00/OI=0.28) , Parent_of=Elbows(Normal)[OFA](1), Hips(Good)[OFA](1)
Bibelot's Cherod Tinsmith
16 Mar 1998
HE503138 s, Callname=Thinker, Parent_of=Elbows(Normal)[OFA](1), Hips(Fair)[OFA](1), Hips(Good)[OFA](3) , Sibling_with=Hips(Good)[OFA](1)
Bibelot's Sheffield
10 Apr 1996
FG344331 s, Callname=Spencer, Parent_of=Hips(Good)[OFA](2)
Wendy's Southern Gentleman
12 Dec 1993 PP400116/05 w, Parent_of=Hips(Good)[OFA](3)
Bibelot's Lights Camera Action
26 Dec 1987 PC132200 UY6702457 s, Callname=Tin, Tested_Clear=VWD[OFA] , Test_Results=Hips(Good)[OFA] , Parent_of=Hips(Excellent)[OFA](1), Hips(Good)[OFA](1)
Bibelot's Parchment
05 May 1996
FJ393858 w, Callname=Mache, Parent_of=Hips(Good)[OFA](1)
Pinafore Play For Keeps
28 Sep 1992 PP368186/02 w, Callname=Kieffer, Test_Results=Hips(Good)[OFA] , Parent_of=Hips(Fair)[OFA](2), Hips(Good)[OFA](7)
Josol's Jezebel In Silver
02 Jul 1993 BN101630 s, Callname=Jez, Parent_of=Hips(Excellent)[OFA](1)
Josol Bibelot Top Billing
05 Oct 1998
HU558285 s, Callname=Billie, Sibling_with=Hips(Excellent)[OFA](1)
Bibelot's Silver Power Play
08 Apr 1994
PP424688/01 CG159089 s, Callname=Pie, Test_Results=Hips(Excellent)[OFA] , Parent_of=Hips(Excellent)[OFA](4), Hips(Good)[OFA](5)
Benet Grey Man of Pawleys
25 Oct 1988 PC203332 s, Test_Results=Hips(Fair)[OFA] , Parent_of=Hips(Excellent)[OFA](1), Hips(Fair)[OFA](1), Hips(Good)[OFA](5)
Bibelot's Lights Camera Action
26 Dec 1987 PC132200 UY6702457 s, Callname=Tin, Tested_Clear=VWD[OFA] , Test_Results=Hips(Good)[OFA] , Parent_of=Hips(Excellent)[OFA](1), Hips(Good)[OFA](1)
Josol's Jezebel In Silver
02 Jul 1993
BN101630 s, Callname=Jez, Parent_of=Hips(Excellent)[OFA](1)
Bibelot's Josol Silver Laurel
12 Sep 1989 WS841901 s, Callname=Joshua, Sibling_with=Hips(Good)[OFA](1)
Bibelot's Marquesa Silver Robe
22 Jul 1990 XN853930 s
Tudorose Great Anna Stuart
23 Jun 2008
PR121262/01 b, Callname=Josie, Test_Results=Hips(Good)[OFA], VGL-DLA(1006:2007/1021:2017), VGL-STR(IR=-0.12/OI=0.41) , Sibling_with=Elbows(Normal)[OFA](1)
Karbits Energizer
15 Sep 2005
PR068950/02 b, Callname=Flash, Tested_Clear=VWD[OFA] , Test_Results=DLA(6:28), Elbows(Normal)[OFA], Hips(Fair)[OFA] , Parent_of=Elbows(Normal)[OFA](2), Hips(Good)[OFA](2) , Sibling_with=Hips(Good)[OFA](1)
Asterix von Ziethnereck (German klein)
10 Dec 1998
ZDP 11215 b, Callname=Asterix, Parent_of=Elbows(Normal)[OFA](1), Hips(Fair)[OFA](1), Hips(Good)[OFA](2), LCP(Normal)[OFA](1)
Fratz Lord von Hefrajaro (mini)
12 Jun 1997
DPZ 145172 b
Fritz-Falin vom Hockerberg (mini)
ZDP 8391 b
Urgela von Hefrajaro (mini)
DPZ 138086 br
Inka von Ziethnereck (German klein)
23 May 1996
ZDP 9472 b
I'm The King von Block's Hutte (German klein)
DPZ 139150 b
Eliza vom Karutzschlosschen (German klein)
DPZ 140650 b
In Orbit's Athena
01 Mar 1999
PP580577/08 b, Callname=Athena, Parent_of=Elbows(Normal)[OFA](1), Hips(Fair)[OFA](2), Hips(Good)[OFA](2) , Sibling_with=Hips(Excellent)[OFA](1), Hips(Fair)[OFA](1), Hips(Good)[OFA](4)
Flash Of Lightning Macintosh
17 Oct 1997
PP562950/01 ZDP 10431 b, Callname=Mickey, Test_Results=DLA(6:6), Hips(Good)[OFA], VGL-DLA(1004:2002/1004:2002), VGL-STR(IR=0.13/OI=0.10) , Parent_of=SCC of the Digit, Hips(Excellent)[OFA](1), Hips(Fair)[OFA](2), Hips(Good)[OFA](6)
H'Agility Boy Du Sudel
135753 LOF9CAN b, Parent_of=Hips(Good)[OFA](1)
Guldtackan's Goldbare
20 Sep 1992 S61722/92 b, Parent_of=Hips(Good)[OFA](1)
Friendships MKM Ladywind Too
14 May 1996
PP483687/13 cr, Callname=Windy, Parent_of=Hips(Excellent)[OFA](1), Hips(Fair)[OFA](1), Hips(Good)[OFA](5)
Friendships Viking Ravenwind
03 Jul 1995 PP452729/05 b, Callname=Raven, Test_Results=Hips(HD-Affected)[GDC] , Parent_of=Elbows(Normal)[OFA](1), Hips(Fair)[OFA](1), Hips(Good)[OFA](2), Hips(HD-Mild)[OFA](1) , Sibling_with=Hips(Good)[OFA](1)
Friendships Cassandra Too
07 Mar 1993 PP365948/16 a, Callname=Cassie
Tudorose Mary The Second
21 Dec 2003
PR040361/01 b, Callname=Dicey, Parent_of=Elbows(Normal)[OFA](1), Hips(Good)[OFA](1) , Sibling_with=Hips(LDI=.35, RDI=.27)[OFA](1)
Penarth Cafe J'aime
29 Oct 1994
PR017956/01 CU222937 br, Parent_of=Bloat, Bloat/GDV, Laryngeal Paralysis, Hips(Good)[OFA](1), Hips(LDI=.35, RDI=.27)[OFA](1)
Harbovi's Sooner Or Later
18 Jun 1990
PP334071/01 S46063/90 b, Test_Results=Hips(Good)[OFA] , Parent_of=Laryngeal Paralysis, Hips(Fair)[OFA](2)
Harbovi's Never Lose A Date
08 Jan 1987 S21510/87 b, Parent_of=Hips(Good)[OFA](1)
Racketeer In The Pink Again
01 Apr 1984 S56450/84 b, Parent_of=Hips(A)[NKK](1), Hips(Good)[OFA](1)
Cadbury's Sky With Diamonds
29 Jul 1992
PP345702/01 br, Test_Results=Hips(Good)[OFA]
Cadbury's Brigadier General
16 Aug 1988 PC155686 br, Test_Results=Hips(Good)[OFA] , Parent_of=Hips(Good)[OFA](3)
Cadbury's Kate Hepburn
10 Feb 1989 PC209870 br, Parent_of=Hips(Fair)[OFA](1), Hips(Good)[OFA](3) , Sibling_with=Hips(Fair)[OFA](2), Hips(Good)[OFA](1)
Tudorose Annabella Stuart
22 May 1999
PP624815/01 JJ606228 b, Callname=Cheers, Affected=Bloat , Parent_of=Hips(LDI=.35, RDI=.27)[OFA](1)
Sanvar's High Time
05 Jan 1991
PP493992/01 YA895173 w, Parent_of=Bloat, Hips(Excellent)[OFA](1)
Sanvar's Rolling High
08 Apr 1989 WG839052 b, Parent_of=CAH, Chronic Pancreatitis, Renal Disease, Hips(Good)[OFA](1)
Sanvar's Marking Time
15 May 1987 PC163800 UJ636493 w
Countess Of Salisbury Tudorose
03 Aug 1995
EQ331932 b, Parent_of=Bloat
Tudorose The Troubadour
28 Jun 1993 BL187669 b, Callname=Ozzie
Walnuthill Hear's Sparkle
29 Oct 1991 YU956462 b, Callname=Sparkle, Sibling_with=Hips(Good)[OFA](1)
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